Monday, 4 January 2010

Sit ups, press ups and not getting beaten up

Today I did 35 press ups and 35 sit ups. So did
Ryan Millar. Tomorrow we will both do 36 of each. He is intending to carry on right up to 100. I'm going to try and make it until Saturday.

Millar's was one of the first 100 day pledges I saw and wanted to copy- it's so simple and you really get to see the difference- in 3 months to go from an easy 1 sit up a day to an epically impressive 100. I'm planning to get to 40- as well as a pledge I wanted to plagiarise it was one that I wanted to copy in the first few weeks! I should probably also mention that my press ups are the girly kneeling kind- I'm still counting them though.

Having read Millar's blog again today I've noticed he is also 'touring' other people's pledges. I promise that I didn't steal the whole idea for this blog from him (although given the title of it I understand if you don't believe me)!

It's probably a good time to start doing press ups as I'll need improved upper-body strength if the lovely people at the London Word Festival keep on stirring. I'd be grateful for the mention in their blog today if they weren't trying to get me beaten up! How fair is a fight between me and James Clayton going to be? He's been developing an army of mythical creatures for weeks now, give him a couple of months more and he'll have a hundred! All I've got on my side is a furry pig that runs away from people and tired arms from doing 35 press ups.


  1. Hey! More 'upping. Awesome. This is the kind of plagiarism that sure makes me happy (though I call it 'touring').

    Anyway, if there's a beef starting: I've got your back, though my arms are also pretty tired - and getting tireder.


  2. The Cyclops is limbering up and cracking his knuckles in anticipation. Your hairy little piggy is gonna squeal...

    Keep up the plagiarism and 100 Day positive activity!