Sunday, 17 January 2010

All my own work

As promised/threatened here is my 100 days writing from tonight. Not the best I've ever written but it will have to do. I've been getting a lot of my ideas from The Writer's Block and this weeks idea was to follow a $5 bill through the hands of 5 different people. This is the 4th person I've done and being English I made it a £5 note (don't worry, I won't bore you with the other three). This is the first time I've put my writting up for all to see so please be nice. Also apologies for the bad formatting- if anyone could let me know how to copy and paste from Word without Blogspot getting cross at meta in the html I would love you forever.

Arun £5 note #4

Fivers were the easiest to take; those and twenty pence pieces. Larger notes were hidden under the coin tray and his mother always knew how many pound coins there should be in the till. Plus five pound notes were the smallest and normally the most battered, easy to slide out and crumple into your palm while you were picking out the rest of a customer’s change. Or equally easy to hide in your fist while you went through the motions of lifting up the metal arm, placing an imaginary note under it and slamming it back down and the till draw closed in one fluid, aggressive motion. Sometimes Arun lifted so much he barely remembered it all. His mother would find crumpled notes in his trouser pockets when she went to wash them and return the cash to him with warnings to keep all his money safely in his wallet- after all there were thieves everywhere nowadays. This evening though, Arun had been more cautious; deciding to cut down for a couple of weeks to avoid suspicion he had taken only £5.80. It was enough though. Tonight was Thursday, Revenge was free entry on Thursday. At 11.30 he pulled the metal shutters down early, crept upstairs to his room, changed his underwear and t-shirt and headed into town. At 1 a.m. euphoric from the dance floor he went to the bar to get a drink. It didn’t take long.



You looked good out there. What’s your name?


Aaron- what are you drinking Aaron?

He had an epic hangover as he did the walk of shame home at 8 a.m. Even the noise of the change jangling in his pocket was unbearable. On the plus side with only three pounds spent (condoms from an all-night garage) it had been a cheap night. Maybe he should lay off the thieving for a bit. Although, thinking about it, next weekend was Pride. He’d need at least £50 for that.

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