Tuesday, 26 January 2010

A Love Story

Flavia and Gaby met some time in 2000 in Buenas Aires. Gaby’s sister, a teacher like him, was working in a kindergarten and Flavia was employed as a teaching assistant to one of the children in the class. They disagree over whether they met first at his sister’s wedding or a school outing but the first time they spent a lot of time together was on a ‘Colonia’ or summer camp.

The first thing that attracted Flavia was to Gaby was how good he was with the children. So good that she was worried she’d lose her job as the little girl she was employed to look after wanted to spend all her time with him instead.

Gaby was attracted to Flavia from the start. He was too scared though to ask her out though in case she said no and they would have to spend a long awkward summer together. Instead they had lunch together everyday and did the crossword. One day Gaby asked Flavia what her favourite foods were. The next day he brought them in for their lunch.

On the last day of the camp Gaby asked Flavia to the cinema and she said yes. Flavia had been living with some friends in the city. After that date she only went back to the flat to collect fresh clothes.

10 years later and Flavia and Gaby are living together in Bacelona. They came over with Gaby’s Spanish passport, a promise of a job through a friend of a friend and just 300 Euros. They were married in 2006 so Flavia could stay in the country, before her Italian nationality came through. It’s not all been easy and they separated briefly with Gaby going to Andorra to work for the ski season and Flavia staying in Barcelona.

Now though, they are happy. They are both part of a cooperative that works with disabled children. They are looking to move into their own flat in Sitges. They kiss on escalators.


This love story idea is based on one of my personal favourite 100day projects- Lina’s 100 love stories blog.

I’m plagiarising it today as part of love week


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  1. This is great. You have a real knack for this plagiarisming.