Wednesday, 10 February 2010


Scotty and Mr Zak have a beautiful project. Everyday for 100 days they are kissing in front of a London monument and taking a photograph. It's simple, it's romantic, it's touching and it warms my heart a little each day.

So while I was in Paris I decided to take advantage of the fact that I was in the city of love and staying with a very loved up couple to pay homage to S&M.

Here are my friends Solal and Lisa and the sights of Paris. Ain't love grand?

Also in case you were wondering Lisa and Solal have a story that would be eminently suitable for one of Lina's 100 love stories. They met when Lisa was studying at law school in Seattle and Solal was travelling the USA. Solal couchsurfed with Lisa for 4 days and they got on really well. The day after he left to continue his travels he emailed Lisa telling her how he felt and asking if he could come back and stay with her again. She said yes and they spent the next six weeks together. After he had returned to France, Lisa went out to visit him there. And after that she applied to study her final year of law school in Paris. They have been living together for seven months in a one bedroom apartment on the banks of the canal. Lisa will be going back to America to start work in June. Solal has applied to study in the United States next year.


  1. this is soo soo cool and lovely. simple, honest pretty. this is m of s 'n m fame and we are both sitting here smiling and awww-ing. this is very cute and we are humbled to be featured.

    s 'n m
    x cmok mwah smooch =)