Sunday, 14 February 2010

Renault 4 Door

I am not a songwriter. Occasionally I am a singer but I am not a songwriter. I thought I'd never be able to follow the lead of The Pictish Trail and his 30 second song a day.

But this week is plagiarism week and with so many people do stirling work on the homage front I'm upping the ante and posting work that's not even vaguely mine and claiming it as my 100 days contribution.

Last night Declan came round with his guitar and we sang some tunes (including a pretty good version of Dancing in the Dark by The Boss) He also made up this little ditty about his first car.

Renault 4 Door

You can hear me say 'go' at the beginning and laugh during the song so it's almost like I wrote it. Right?

Big thank you to fellow hundred dayer Jamie Lickfold for helping me overcome my technical stupidity and work out how to share the song. He has been writing some lovely songs too over at his 100 days of creativity blog.

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