Friday, 12 February 2010

Plagiarism week!

Josie has spoken and this week is Plagiarism Week!

You can see the video where she explains it all here.

I don't get a name check but I'd like to think when she says it's "in honour of the hundred dayer whose entire project is plagiarism" she's talking about me. Although, the now extremely strong and buff Ryan Millar has been touring pledges long before I started. And Dominic McKenna did a fabulous week of plagiairsm a few weeks back (day 34- 41)

In fact Dominic's whole project is fabulous. He takes photos of people smiling each day and posts them on his blog. And thereby captures and spreads that happiness to all of us.

Yesterday I did a lot of smiling- I went to a Micheal Rosen event with work, I took the afternoon off and discovered a hidden Roman baths just off the Strand, I saw a 13,000 year old sculpture at the British Museum, saw the wonderful Patrick Ness at an event and then met my friend Nicole. Nicole makes me smile a lot. And yesterday she took me to a bar near Tower Bridge. I had never seen Tower Bridge up close before and it made me very happy. I love London. Sometimes I forget this but yesterday I was blown away by how stunning it can be. This is Nicloe smiling in the bar. Apologies, as always, for the bad quality photography!

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  1. Lizzie,

    I have loved your blog... and stolen from it so you stealing from mine is a lovely case of 'blog will eat itself'. Good luck with reaching the finish line

    Dominic x