Thursday, 18 February 2010

Carrying On

So last week was plagiarism week and I got a bit lazy. It was brilliant to see everyone else's efforts, I really enjoyed it. But it did kind of take away my drive to carry on with the blog. I wasn't sure whether I would continue now that the whole homage thing had kind of been done and done better by everyone else. Also I'd completely let my original pledge slide (physical exercise or creative writing everyday) having not written anything or gone to the gym since day 62.

But last night, on my way back from the hundred days meet up I felt a renewed sense of determination. I've never been and never will be the best writer, athlete, playwright, photographer etc.etc. but I've really enjoyed trying and I want to continue to do so. I re-read the writing I've done for my own pledge last night and I have over 8000 words, some that I'm actually really happy with. I want to carry on and see what else I can do.

So tonight I have copied a pledge (or several) that I love and don't have the talent to do myself. But I've done it anyway and I enjoyed it. So in the spirit of Vented Spleen, Eddie Ross, and the fabulous Wiggly Mittens here is my comic strip:

And because the photo quality is so appalling (will try and scan it at work tomorrow) here is what it says:
Today I was productive. I fought the CMS and won. I got my boots re-heeled. I baked some sweet potato muffins. I did some washing. I did some writing and drawing. Today was a GOOD day.

I think the next 20 days will be pretty good too. I've got a list of lots of projects I still want to copy and I'm going to try and continue with my own as well. I want to make sure I've got lots for my plinth at the Hundred Days Museum. I hope to see lots of you there.


  1. This is ace Lizzie! I feel honoured to be plagiarised! good stuff x

  2. Yay well done! I didn't know you were doing a plinth, that's so cool. I wish we could come, but we have rather more pressing birthday-issues to attend to ;)