Sunday, 7 March 2010

A photo a day

The community feel of 100 days has been the best bit for me. I started the project shortly after I moved to London and it's been a great way to feel part of something and not all alone in an uncaring city. And it's been great that the people I've met in real life have turned out to be just as lovely as their online personas suggested.

One of the first people I connected with through 100 days was Mel. Her simple but effective photo a day project provided a snapshot of her life which was both compelling and very satisfying to a nosy parker like me. She also probably gave me the idea for this blog when early on in the project she said that she felt other people's ideas were more creative than her own. I was feeling similarly and decided the best way around this was just to copy all of those fabulous creative ideas! Mel took the very sensible step of finishing her project early to focus on more important things in her life. As we are nearing the end I wanted to remember some of the great stuff from the beginning.

(I'd like to point out this post is also pretty similar to Sophie's photo a day which I also loved)


Today I visited my friend Sammie in Kent to celebrate her 22nd Birthday. Tomorrow is also our 3rd anniversary. We met in Barcelona through mutual friends when we were both living out there. Sammie quickly became one of my best friends and we lived together for a year. After Spain she moved to Argentina while I moved to Scotland. Now we are pretty close to each other but don't see each other as often as we should. It was lovely to see her, to meet some of her friends, to speak some Spanish with her (French) boyfriend and to eat good food and drink cava. The cake in the picture is chocolate and beetroot! Sadly I was good and stuck to my lent resolution of not eating choc so didn't get to try it. I did eat some pretty good cupcakes though.

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