Sunday, 7 March 2010


I have never played a full game of Monopoly, never even got to the stage where you can buy hotels and houses. Monopoly always took too long and my sister would get bored and steal from the bank before we could get a game going.

Despite my lack of familiarity with the game I was very excited to join Ade Brown on the second half of his Monopoly walk yesterday. Ade has been walking an hour a day everyday for his hundred days and you can follow his progress over at his blog where he has some pretty impressive Google maps that chart the over 300 miles he has walked since December. I had never plagiarised in person before. Most of my work consists of ripping off people's stuff from the internet and hoping they don't mind. It was nice to do someone's challenge alongside them for a change.

I hugely enjoyed the walk, the sun was shining, the company delightful and London was on top form. I saw buildings I had never noticed before, discovered some great pubs and generally got to know this amazing city better. A lovely day with lovely people. I don't know if I'm a better person because of this project but there are times when my life's pretty darn good because of it.

Also Ade has a just giving page where you can sponsor him for his very impressive walking acheivements- go to

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  1. Ha! Photo of me by the S4LEM witchmobile.
    It was a pleasure to meet you and thanks again for joining in.
    I just realised we forgot the stickers !